Monday, March 28, 2005

A Prescription for Gallium

Sometimes finding amazing things involves expensive, dangerous, hands-on research by top men here at Wohba. An excellent example is our recent investigation of the rare metal gallium. With a considerable research budget at our disposal, we were able to order 30 grams of the stuff to play with analyze.

Gallium fact: This freakin' metal melts in your hand! IT MELTS IN YOUR HAND! What could be cooler that that! Its melting point is about 86°F so it's a solid at room temperature, but (did we mention this?) - it melts in your hand!

As a kid, Oliver Sacks (yes, that Oliver Sacks) used to cast spoons out of the stuff which would melt when placed into a hot cup of tea.

(The top men at Wohba have to admit that its a bit disconcerting that the toxic properties of gallium have not been comprehensively investigated - but we went ahead and let it melt in our hand anyway. We hope nobody drank Oliver Sacks' tea.)


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where can i get someone that??? i will like it :D

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