Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Titan TV

Gotta love it when the teeming masses take things into their own hands. Remember a few months back when the ESA (European Space Agency) landed a probe (Huygens) on Titan, a moon of Saturn? So the probe dropped down through the atmosphere snapping photos the whole way down and radioing them to the Casini craft that is orbiting Saturn, which in turn radioed them to earth.

Once the data arrived, the ESA got kind of greedy and didn't release the raw photos right away. (Whatever.) But luckily the data was leaked and made it into the hands of the teeming masses. Low and behold, in less then eight hours a web site was established where not-so-top-men began assembling the photos to make sense out of them. It was weeks before the ESA actually released official results, and it was old news by then. The power of the masses.

One of the coolest items on the site is this video. The Huygens probe continued to snap photos after it landed - just sitting there on the surface of one of the moons of Saturn. The video is the collection of those photos. Check it out - at a couple points in the video it almost appears as if stuff is blowing by.


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