Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Will Opportunity Make It To Victoria?

Top Men have their fingers crossed on this one.

The Mars rover Opportunity started out in tiny Eagle crater (22 meters wide), took 90 sols (Martian days) to drive to huge Endurance crater (132 meters wide), and now (after 450 sols) has old boring Erebus crater in its sights.

That means it's on the home stretch to amazingly impressive Victoria crater (600 meters wide!) Victoria crater dwarfs any crater the rovers have encountered! (It's diameter is about the distance the rover drove from Eagle to Endurance.)

Opportunity just has to cross the etched terrain which is not a gimme, since no one knows what the etched terrain is, and because the right front wheel is having some steering problems.

Top Men (at Wohba and NASA) never dreamed there was a chance of making it to Victoria. We'll keep you informed.


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