Sunday, May 15, 2005

Aye-Aye Sir

Bizzaro Creature Department - The Aye-Aye.

Found only on the eastern coast of Madagascar, the Aye-Aye has been referred to as one of the most distinctive mammals on earth. Prime Wohba material. Here's are the highlights of its weirdness...

It climbs the trees at night, tapping on them with its bizzaro third finger. When it finds a spot that sounds right (with it's bizzaro large ears), it chews a small hole in the bark (with its bizzaro front teeth) and inserts its bizzaro elongated, boney finger in the hole and brings out a yummy grub to eat. By the way, the weird finger actually has something like a ball joint so it can swivel handily in through the grub tunnels. Top men are truly amazed.

This teeny, tiny video will demonstrate.

Here's another small video and more info here and here, if you're interested.


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