Monday, May 23, 2005

Free Falling

Top Men at Wohba felt inclined to mention the short film "G" as alternative aerial cinematography. Filmmaker Rolf Gibbs has captured the essence of free falling from a plane from 30,000 feet.

Of course he had to make a marvelous bomb-like contraption to accomplish this task. Early attempts destroyed the video tape beyond usability. He eventually settled on a two-camera system, connected via firewire, where the first camcorder sits in the nose of the bomb capturing the view and feeding it to the second camcorder in the tail. The front camera is of course, not preserved, but the rear camera has just enough padding to save the precious video. (More of the story is here in Salon's archives)

The complete video is apparently only here (on iFilm). Don't hesitate to fast forward - it doesn't get interesting until the end.


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