Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Martian Mountain Climbing

We're getting the first panoramic images from Mars Rover Spirit at the top of Husband Hill. After months of trekking (and back-trekking) Spirit finally arrived at the summit and began to send back spectacular views of the valley (Tennessee Valley) below.

The teeming masses are not waiting for Top Men at NASA to put them together - they're taking the seperate images and stitching them together and building the color (not precisely true color yet) images themselves.

Take a look at this one by Doug Ellison. Everyone is enamored with the odd whitish crater named Home Plate.

To get an idea of just far the rover has... well... roved, here is a photo taken from Spirit's landing sight with Husband Hill in the distance.

Top Men at Wohba will show you more as they become available.


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