Saturday, October 01, 2005

Giant Smoke Rings

Mt. Etna (Italy), Europe's most active volcano, is known for periodically belching forth lots (up to 100 per day) of gigantic (up to 600 feet in diameter) long-lasting (up to 15 minutes) smoke rings that billow skyward (up to 18,000 feet). Top Men at Wohba have sorted through the droves of images and movies at Stromboli and provide links to the best.

Photo of a ring next to steam plume.

Photo series of a ring rising.

Photo of rising ring and smoke trail.

Photo series of the shadow of a ring on the volcano.

Movie following a ring from start to end. (7x)

Movie of a ring moving beside a steam plume.

Movie of a particularly clear ring. (3x)

Check out the amazing Stromboli Site for yourself.

(Thanks Ryan)


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