Friday, October 07, 2005

Hand-held Death Ray (batteries not included)

Holy guacamole! Top Men love toys like this - balloon poppin', tape burnin', match lightin', eye blindin' lasers! Sure you won't get one of these babies for $29, but if you're interested, Top Men recommend the GHL-35 - a 35 milliwatt (minimum peak output), handheld, space-age, Ray-Gun Blaster of Death (requires 2 "C" batteries) for only $389.

And remember kids...
"WARNING! These portable laser modules are many times more powerful than regular laser pointers. These products are designed for industrial and scientific use, and are therefore too powerful for use as a pointer for presentations. Momentary eye exposure to the direct beam can cause permanent eye damage."


Tell 'em Wohba sent you.


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