Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Seasonal Adjustments

Back in April Top Men at Wohba called your attention to NASA's Blue Marble site - particularly the HUGE images of earth. Well NASA's is raising the bar with Blue Marble: Next Generation. The original Blue Marble was a 1 square kilometer per pixel image made from a composite over several months. The Next Generation actually spans an entire year - one image for each month, each with four times the resolution! That means that each image is rougly 85,000 by 40,000 pixels! And there are twelve of them! (Only available by request - first come, first serve. Top Men will let you know when we get ours.)

They've also put together some amazing movies that show the changes in earth over the months. This movie (8 MB) circles the globe revealing subtle (and not so subtle) surface feature variations throughout the year. And this movie (3 MB) is a closer view of seasonal effects in the eastern United States.

Here are all the Blue Marble: Next Generation movies - including much higher resolution versions for you bit-mongers out there.


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