Thursday, November 17, 2005

Hand-held Death Ray II (batteries included)

Bubbles are for kids. Adults need Lasers. Big, blazin', wicked lasers. It just so happens that there's a place called Wicked Lasers that offers them. And they have plenty of photos and videos to show you what fun you can have. Here's a few of the Top Men's favorites...

- Video outdoors at night.
- Video outdoors at night.
- Video scaring a bird off a wire. (Uh... okay.)
- Video burning holes in plastic.
- Video cutting through electrical tape.
- Video popping five balloons.

The $99 Classic has a range of 6 miles. But for $560 you get the Elite with a range of 60 miles. (NOTE: 5% discount for telling 'em Wohba sent you - referrer ID: 3720)

And remember kids...
"WARNING! Serious and even permanent eye damage can be caused by looking directly into the beam of this laser or its direct reflection.

(Thanks Alex T.!)


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