Friday, November 11, 2005

Watch Me Paint

What if there was a way to preserve and playback the artistic process of creating a painting, instead of just being limited to seeing the end result. Oh and it'd be nice to speed up the playback.

This Russian site does just that. It's simplified painting, but the results are amazing. It's not just a final frame that you can appreciate, but the entire process - the subtle choices, the mistakes and corrections, the sequence, varying techniques. Top Men were amazed for way too long! Below are some of our favorites: faces and more. (Always click the x16 button to speed things up.)

The face in the thumbnail above.
A minimal yet striking portrait.
An eye in the city.
Stylized but real.
One final portrait.
A whimsical metamorphosis.
Evolving Animals.

If you're inspired after watching other people create, click the pencil in the upper right and become the artist. If your Russian is a bit rusty, here are the bare-bone basics...

- Undo
- Erase All
- Quit and Save
- Yes
- No


Blogger Rohan said...

There's a program that does this already.

5/16/2007 8:49 PM  

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