Monday, December 26, 2005

Amazing After Christmas Toys

Dofi-blog (Japanese site) has a variety of amazing java toys. The best of the bunch (World of Sand) involves messing around with (among other things) sand, water, wax, fire, plants, salt, and a little slug. Half the fun is seeing how the different elements react with one another. Top Men guarantee you'll be mesmerized.

Here's some of the games at Dofi-blog...

World of Sand - mentioned above
World of Sand (large) - 960 x 640
Heaven and Hell - rope them into heaven
Omosubi Block Breaker - swing, toss, break
Slug Slayer - salt the slug
Fire vs. Sand - put out the fire
Hell of Sand - uh, all of the above?
Hell of Sand (large) - bigger and...?

Warning: Be prepared to waste an hour or two.


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