Friday, January 13, 2006

Real Stardust

(Space Probe Returns to Earth - Take Two)

Stardust is on final approach for a return to Earth early Sunday morning (January 15, 2:12 am PST). Here are some interesting facts...

- Launched 7 years ago (Feb 7, 1999)
- 2.88 billion miles traveled (6,000 round trips to moon)
- Travelled to within 150 miles of comet Wild 2
- 28,860 mph re-entry (fastest man-made object)
- Re-entry visible from BC to Bakersfield (Link)
- Minute samples of cometary/galactic... uh... stuff was collected
- You can help search for the... stuff (Link)

NASA TV coverage of the landing starts Sunday at 1:30 am PST.

UPDATE (1/15): Successful touchdown!
UPDATE (1/18): The contents "...exceeds all expectations" - lots of samples!
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