Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Rocket Cam

Those NASA top men just keep adding more and more cameras to the Space Shuttle for "safety" reasons. Yeah. Sure. We know it's because video cameras on rockets are sweet!

They've generously released the full videos from before launch through splashdown from cameras on the Space Shuttle's Solid Rock Boosters (SRB). For those who don't remember, the SRBs are the long white cans that are filled with gunpowder. They light 'em for extra push on the way up. When they burn out they separate from the external tank and freefall until chutes carry them into the Atlantic. They are retrieved and used again.

The full length versions are long, but amazing.

Real Video - Full length video looking down. (Great view of splashdown.)
Real Video - Full length video looking up. (Great view of SRB separation.)
mpg Video - Short clip looking up (High quality view of SRB separation only.)

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