Friday, August 04, 2006

Silk Land

Top Men have had to battle caterpillars in trees before, but in these photos the caterpillars have definitely won. Everything has been covered in silk.

Apparently it was "Attack of the Caterpillar" in the Flogsta neighborhood of Uppsala, Sweden. Top Men have culled through the site and call your attention to the following items...

A movie of the mess...
- Optimized movie on Wohba (3 MB QuickTime)
- Original movie from Sweden (27 MB avi)

Select high-res photos...
- Entire tree covered in silk
- Base of the tree
- Bike leaning against a tree
- Basket on bike
- Pillars of caterpillars

(Here is a link to all the photos for those of you who want to explore on your own.)

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