Villainous Youth Repellent

This sound is amazing. If you’re over 30 you’ll hear some street noise. If you’re under 25 you’ll hear an obnoxious squeal. If you’re in between, or abnormal, then who knows what you’ll hear.

Seems it’s used by grown-ups in the UK for repelling teens from certain areas, and by teens as a ringtone only they can hear.

(Here’s an alternative link to the sound)

4 thoughts on “Villainous Youth Repellent

  1. some Ba****d down the street from me has one of theese, he should have the F’in asbo it’s just plain rude to those of us who have to walk by it every day!

  2. How depressing. I want to hear it but can’t. I’ve just turned 31 and that just hammers home the relentless linearity of time and the continual degradation of our bodies. Sorry, that was rather maudlin…. ;-)

  3. I'm 21… all I hear are street noises. I suppose too many hours of listening to music at high volume. I think this might be an issue with my generation. The "iPod generation"

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