Sunday, August 20, 2006

One Goldburger to Go

Good old Rube again. Top Men had a bit of fun at this little game figuring out how to serve up a Goldburger. Enjoy.

BTW, if you've never seen the Honda commercial featuring some amazing Rube Goldberg work, you should check it out here. There are no substantial computer graphics tricks in the ad, and it took over 600 takes to get it right.

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Friday, August 18, 2006

Peroxide Propulsion

With all the bad press that hydrogen peroxide has been getting lately, Top Men thought we should take this opportunity to show you one of the many ways it benefits mankind...

Rigging your gyrocopter for a vertical takeoff.

Ill-advised? Nonsense.

Normally gyrocopters are propelled forward - moving through the wind spins the rotors enough to provide lift. But this guy uses the hydrogen peroxide as a propellant at the tip of the rotors to pre-spin for very close to a vertical takeoff.

Oh, and he very nearly takes the camera guy's head off.

On with the show...

Movie - Take-off & bad landing
Movie - Take-off & transition

(Thanks Tony)

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A Whole Lot of Nothin'

You know how sometimes you feel like nothing. That's because you are mostly nothing. This site will help illustrate.

The idea is to demonstrate how much blank space there is in a simple hydrogen atom. And the results are amazing - and hard to grasp. Make sure you read the text. The 11 miles is what really amazed Top Men.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Trippin' Drippin'

This is one amazing video - a device that appears to make drips of water slow down, stop, and even reverse. A Wohba! moment!

Here is the web site with the details on how this was done.

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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Trained Goldfish

Top Men thought goldfish were hard to train. Either this movie is a hoax or somebody is very patient.

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Friday, August 04, 2006

Silk Land

Top Men have had to battle caterpillars in trees before, but in these photos the caterpillars have definitely won. Everything has been covered in silk.

Apparently it was "Attack of the Caterpillar" in the Flogsta neighborhood of Uppsala, Sweden. Top Men have culled through the site and call your attention to the following items...

A movie of the mess...
- Optimized movie on Wohba (3 MB QuickTime)
- Original movie from Sweden (27 MB avi)

Select high-res photos...
- Entire tree covered in silk
- Base of the tree
- Bike leaning against a tree
- Basket on bike
- Pillars of caterpillars

(Here is a link to all the photos for those of you who want to explore on your own.)

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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Hawaiian Lenticular

Here is a rather striking hi-res photo of a lenticular cloud near Mauna Kea on the big island of Hawaii.

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Finger Tip Control

Here is a video of Jeff Han demonstrating his multi-touch technology. A demo video has been around for a few months, but this one is higher quality - and seeing Jeff describe it, makes it that much more amazing.