Second Annual Tribute to Corn Day

Since corn is such a staple around the Wohba labs (and to prove to Top Management that we are just as brilliant as ever and change is not neccesary), we decided to start an annual tribute.

So let it be hereby known that November 15th shall be henceforth generally mostly accepted and occasionally thought of as Tribute to Corn Day by Top Men. We don’t really care what the teeming masses do, this is all about us – and corn!

Now of course Tribute to Corn Day should be celebrated in some spectacular manner. Like shooting corn-rockets to the moon, or creating a quantum corn computer, or even bonding every kernel on an ear of corn together and harnessing the awesome power in a process known as total corn-fussion. (Okay, so we’re Top Men, not Top Comedians.)

But this year how about a good old fashion Spanish corn walk. Well.. okay… corn starch walk. Just watch the video.

And as a bonus, how about a corn starch suspension science lesson from a five year old. Just watch the video.

And finally, in an amazing demonstration of our scientific prowess we will go back in time and actually start Tribute to Corn Day last year – making this the second annual celebration.

Happy Second Annual Tribute to Corn Day! So say we all!

(Top Men bask in this brief moment of gaiety before it’s quickly obscured by the ominous cloud of change.)

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