More Wohba Changes

No sooner had Top Men graciously accepted the monumental changes so drastically imposed by Top Managment, then the proverbial rug is once more pulled out from under them.

Apparently Top Women feel strongly that there is not enough communication in and around the labs. (Could have something to do with the fact that Top Men think that communication (i.e. meaningless drivel) is highly overrated.) Not sure how we missed seeing this coming, knowing how the female of the species seems to thrive on expressing themselves beyond some perfectly reasonable, male-established quota of 1440 words per day (1 word per minute).

Anyway, rather than belabor the point, suffice it to say that the Teeming Masses (or at least a registered subset thereof ) will soon be able to add comments and thus communicate in a more direct and public manner with Top Women. (Top Men will probably not read the comments – as a defiant act of protest.)

(And just for the record, Top Men do not “love their rainbows”.)

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