Insane Climbing Man

No matter how hard we try, Top Women can’t seem to find any Insane Women doing the likes of what the men do in our Insane series. (The teeming masses will have to draw their own conclusions as to why that may be.)

So for now we’re left with showing you this Spiderman wannabe as he demonstrates how truly insane some men can be!

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2 thoughts on “Insane Climbing Man

  1. I watched some of that video, but when it pulled way back to show how tiny he was, and how much he had left to climb, and then the camera looked down, I just had to shut it off. Absolute sick to my stomach fear of heights, even watching a video of a guy that presumably makes it. LOL, I hope he did, anyhow! I couldn’t even deal with a friend who did something like that, for fun. Just so out of the realm of my safety zone. Insane is the word to use.

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