(Volc)ano Mountain High Enough (♪)

Volcanoes from space – now that’s Wohba material. So what about this amazing image. of the Sarychev Peak Eruption in the Kuril Islands a few days ago – taken with a digital camera aboard the ISS (International Space Station). As fate would have it, the ISS was in the right place at the right time for an image that few have ever seen.

Top Men are intrigued by the pillowy clouds atop the ash plume, as well as the circular parting of the clouds around the event.

Maybe next time we’ll get a video.

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5 thoughts on “(Volc)ano Mountain High Enough (♪)

  1. The pillowy clouds could be do to the bluff body aerodynamics of the plume its self (imagine the rising plume as a blimp moving vertically), creating a relative low pressure around the leading edge of the plume which would result a local condensation of water vapor (similar to the condensation of water vapor when a play crosses the sound barrier see: vapor cones). This hypothesis being contingent on the low pressure condensation being able to outmatch the increase in local air temperature due to the close proximity to the plume. The circular cloud void could be due to the hot gases being released from the volcano. This local increase in air temperature could be so great that water vapor cant condense enough to form a cloud.

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