Fifth Annual Tribute to Corn

Be a maized! Be very a maized!

(And you thought Top Men and Top Women were retired. Nonsense!)

Time for the Annual Wohba Tribute to Corn. This year we decided to offer a corn quiz to let you gauge just how corn-savvy you are. Answer a few of these true-or-false questions and discover your corn top-ness.

1) An average ear of corn has 500 to 600 kernels.
2) Every strand of corn-silk is attached to a kernel of corn.
3) Corn is a domesticated variety of palm tree.
4) China produces twice as much corn as the USA.
5) 80% of the corn grown in the USA is genetically modified.
6) The USA spends an average of $1 billion in annual corn subsidies.
7) It takes 21 pounds of corn to produce a gallon of ethanol.
8) Popcorn pops when the internal temperature reaches 356 °F.
9) Corn has twice as many genes as the human genome.
10) By weight, only wheat surpasses corn in worldwide grain production.

You have one day. Begin.

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