Architectural Projection Mapping

Top Men and Top Women are enamored by projection mapping, and we managed to catch the Holiday show at Saks Fifth Ave (NYC) last week.

Architectural Projection Mapping is all about shining a projector on the side of a building and blurring the line between what is the building and what is projected. It’s been around for a few years, but in case you haven’t heard of it here are a few of the better samples we could find.

Holiday 2011 Saks Fifth Avenue. Relatively simple but effective – the highlights are the windows lighting up and opening and the snow on the window sills.

A celebration in Ukraine – great lighting effects in the beginning demonstrating how virtual spotlights can be placed and moved anywhere.

This sample is amazing, but almost over the top – so much going on on.

This example was an ad for the movie “The Tourist”, but it had some fun building augmenting effects.

Here’s a homemade version for Halloween – it’s not just for the big boys.

(Note: There are other impressive examples available, but some of them are full CG simulations that are not actual projections – let the viewer beware.)

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