Living Room Projection Mapping

Projection mapping on a personal level. It’s projection mapping with motion tracking for the ultimate experience. (So these videos were recorded in real-time with no post-processing – if that doesn’t impress you then move along.)

Top Men would decorate the living room this way – but Top Women might object.

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Architectural Projection Mapping

Top Men and Top Women are enamored by projection mapping, and we managed to catch the Holiday show at Saks Fifth Ave (NYC) last week.

Architectural Projection Mapping is all about shining a projector on the side of a building and blurring the line between what is the building and what is projected. It’s been around for a few years, but in case you haven’t heard of it here are a few of the better samples we could find.

Holiday 2011 Saks Fifth Avenue. Relatively simple but effective – the highlights are the windows lighting up and opening and the snow on the window sills.

A celebration in Ukraine – great lighting effects in the beginning demonstrating how virtual spotlights can be placed and moved anywhere.

This sample is amazing, but almost over the top – so much going on on.

This example was an ad for the movie “The Tourist”, but it had some fun building augmenting effects.

Here’s a homemade version for Halloween – it’s not just for the big boys.

(Note: There are other impressive examples available, but some of them are full CG simulations that are not actual projections – let the viewer beware.)

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Beautiful Machinery

Top Men have a very strange mix of right and left brain. Arthur Ganson tickles both sides so he gets our second honorary Wohba Top Mention Award.

Arthur gave a presentation at TED in 2004 and the video has just been made available. Top Men were entertained, mesmerized, and amazed.

(Thanks Top Women)

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Momentary Lapse

Time-lapse photography is always amazing. But Ross Ching has produced this standout, high-definition time-lapse video that Top Men feel is worth bringing to your attention.

The video has some striking pans. And amazingly he used a digital SLR – not a video camera – to capture the footage. He also provides a full (and we mean full) making-of video to show you how he did it.


Art-ificial Intelligence

Top Men have never seen any species besides ours paint anything recognizable – let alone a self portrait. Sure it’s probably just a trained and repeated behavior, but we buy paintings this-weekend-only from starving artists who do the same thing.

Besides, let’s face it, for some reason we secretly want animals to be smarter than us.

Watch and wonder.


Musical Magic

Top Men are simply amazed at this video. Granted it’s not a finished product yet, and there are bound to be some limitations, but this is one of those tools that Top Men would not have believed possible.

It just further reinforces the strange fact that the most important musical instrument any band needs is a computer.

Web site is here.

(Via Tinselman!)



It’s always an amazing thing to stumble on entirely new (yet evidently ancient) artistic techniques. Top Men had never heard of Marbling except as it applies to a nice juicy ribeye. We’re assuming that the majority of the teeming masses haven’t either, so we’re bringing you up to speed with this collection of movies.

These movies demonstrate the primary marbling technique of floating inks or paints on water. The resulting images can be “printed” by laying a sheet of paper on the surface.