The human body is a miracle of design and a wonder of beauty, especially when viewed comparatively. (Increased color saturation doesn’t hurt either.)

Top Women are particularly intrigued with the human eye – like those displayed in this… ahem… iArt. The diversity in color and structure is nothing short of amazing.

Next on Top Women’s agenda is finding the perfect high-resolution retinal photography for the teeming masses!


Dynamic Architecture

A series of rotating buildings based on Dynamic Architecture will be built around the world, starting in Dubai, U.A.E. The Dynamic Architecture concept was introduced by Florentine architect David Fisher. (Live Science)

Top Women want homes in one of those buildings, so we’re stocking up on Dramamine and working out on the treadmill in preparation of chasing down our apartments once we’ve been delivered to our floors!

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Women in Art

Time for another soothing art-break as most of us melt in the peak summer heat. So put away the methane rocket engine, and sit back with a yummy supercooled Italian Ice.

Span the ages of world renowned art in this video.

Top Women love the portrait art represented in this montage of girls (of the time) and how the expressions and facial features were matched to move and flow seamlessly throughout the video.

For more info on who’s who, go here.

Rock Music

One leisure activity that calms Top Women’s frazzled nerves after a busy day at the lab, is plunking away at a pipe organ – attempting a toccata and fugue or two. That was one reason we were so amazed at the organ we recently viewed at Luray Caverns in Virginia. This amazing instrument (the world largest) taps the naturally resonating stalactites with rubber mallets. Listen here.

But what about other organ transplants?

Click here to listen to the music produced by the Sea Organ in Croatia.

Or what about this bamboo organ; the only one in the world.

And because we know Top Men like to play with fire, we’d feel remiss not to mention the this Fire Organ.

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Tree Men

Top Women like caves. Top Men like trees. The life, the texture, the science, the symbolism, the sustenance, the possibilities, the bicycle.

Here are some trees that have lost their simple goal of reaching skyward – still amazing, but now bent and twisted to the will of man.

And for further reading on Arborsculpture try here. For just more amazing trees go here.

(And, yes, Top Men like caves, too. And, yes, Top Women like trees, too. And, no, Top Men do not like the lab painted pink.)

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Sand Blasting

Top Men now provide a brief reprieve from all the heavy math and outer space discussions…

… with this movie of blowing stuff up in slow motion – backwards.

(It’s what real men do to the beautiful sand sculpture work posted by Top Women a couple months ago.)

UPDATE (3/15/07):
Top Women have duly noted the destructive and sadly competitive nature of Top Men once again and have found it necessary to pause from our seclusion of in depth research and study to respond and note that the lab will be painted pink this weekend.

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