Top Men spent many childhood hours mesmerized by the patterns and frustrated by the limitations of the good old Spirograph. We’ve provided for your amusement, links to several small web application that served to remind us of the childhood wonder.

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But somehow the hands-on, tactile requirement of the original, as frustrating as those slipped-gears could be, is still much more satisfying.

There’s always eBay.

And for those who are clueless… Spirograph.

Sand Sculpting

Since 2007 is supposed to be another warm year according to climatologists’ rumors at the lab, Top Women think this is the year to break out the big sand buckets and shovels for some serious beach sand sculpting. We wonder if we can sculpt anything as good as this though.

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It’s a Beauty

Sometimes it seems that all our efforts and labors can be distilled into one goal, beauty. At least that’s the way Top Women see it.

From YouTube: “My best friend’s short film, made when we were
studying Computer Animation at Bournemouth University. All of the
artistic effects were created with programs written by the boy
himself, and as a piece of art, it remains one of the best animated
shorts I have seen.” – Kevan Shorey

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Stephen Wiltshire appears slightly slow on the surface, but he has a remarkable skill beneath. In this video clip from a BBC documentary he is taken on a brief helicopter ride over Rome and then returns to the studio and faithfullly reproduces a detailed panorama drawn with perfect perspective and scale.

And then there is Daniel Tammet who (in additiona to speaking French, German, Spanish, Lithuanian, Esperanto and Icelandic) has a remarkable ability to calculate. In this video clip he calculates 13 divided by 97 to way too many decimal points.

Of course this wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the real Rainman Kim Peek. Here is a glimpse into his remarkable skills.

Top Men can only say “Wohba!”

Paper Work

Peter Callesen takes paper craft to a whole new dimension. Here is his paper-work. (May have server issues – refresh a couple times if necessary.)

Wait… don’t just lazily pass this over. From what Top Men can gather the pieces of the page remain connected – which makes it all the more amazing, and worth checking out.

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Lightning’s Fingerprint

Sometimes, under the right conditions, a high-voltage electrical discharge will create a cool fern-like pattern called a Lichtenberg Figure (named after Georg Christoph Lichtenberg.)

They are found in sand when lightning strikes. (called fulgurite)
They are found on the surface of water in 300 trillion watt pulse generators.
They are found on human skin when lightning strikes.
They are found in lawns where lightning strikes.
They are found in chunks of polymethylmethacrylateacrylic (acrylic) that you can buy here.