Seventh Annual Tribute to Corn

Okay, so Wohba at least has a heartbeat… barely. We sure hope to pick things up again in the near future. As a sign of life Top Men will celebrate this years Tribute To Corn. (Can’t believe we missed a year – we’ll have to get to last years at some point in the future.)

Top Men (and Top Women) are not fans of plastic – well, except for its remarkable ability to make everyday life easier, less costly, and more convenient. It’s just those icky (technical term) side-effects (proven, and not yet proven) that give us reason to pause.

Corn to the rescue.

Corn plastic seems like a good compromise — non-breakable, cheap, moldable, non-toxic (so far), and just add butter and salt for a tasty treat. Alas, it seems like one of those “Popular” inventions that show up on the cover of “Popular” magazines and never make it to the teeming masses; like flying cars, jet packs, steaks-in-a-pill, trips to the moon for everyone, robot cooks, personal laser weapons, etc. (We’re still crossing our top fingers for a least a few of those.)

Watch the video here.

Fifth Annual Tribute to Corn (Answers)

Here are the answers to yesterday’s quiz…

1) False. 200 to 400 kernels per ear
2) True. And each silk must be pollenated.
3) False. Corn is related to grass.
4) False. China produces about half as much corn as the USA.
5) True.
6) False. It’s closer to $4 billion annually.
7) True.
8) True
9) True
10) False. Corn is number one.

How’s your Top rating…

10 out of 10 – Amazing! Truly Top material.
9 out of 10 – Almost amazing! Top in training.
8 out of 10 – A valiant effort, but a couple ears short of Top.
7 out of 10 – You’ll need a few more corn dogs before your’re ready.
Under 7 – Don’t call us, we’ll call you.

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Fifth Annual Tribute to Corn

Be a maized! Be very a maized!

(And you thought Top Men and Top Women were retired. Nonsense!)

Time for the Annual Wohba Tribute to Corn. This year we decided to offer a corn quiz to let you gauge just how corn-savvy you are. Answer a few of these true-or-false questions and discover your corn top-ness.

1) An average ear of corn has 500 to 600 kernels.
2) Every strand of corn-silk is attached to a kernel of corn.
3) Corn is a domesticated variety of palm tree.
4) China produces twice as much corn as the USA.
5) 80% of the corn grown in the USA is genetically modified.
6) The USA spends an average of $1 billion in annual corn subsidies.
7) It takes 21 pounds of corn to produce a gallon of ethanol.
8) Popcorn pops when the internal temperature reaches 356 °F.
9) Corn has twice as many genes as the human genome.
10) By weight, only wheat surpasses corn in worldwide grain production.

You have one day. Begin.

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Fourth Annual Tribute To Corn

Top Men and Top Women have been lazy, busy, on strike, seriously ill, kidnapped, consumed by intrigue in the political ongoings of the United States presidential race, vacationing on Mars… Whatever. No excuse is good enough – please accept our sincerest apologies. We are alive and… well… you be the judge.

It’s been a very, very, long hiatus, but we couldn’t think of a more fitting event to plunge back into all things “Wohba” then the Fourth Annual Tribute To Corn No matter what the reason for our long withdrawal – there is no way we would miss this worldwide annual celebration.

And this year we feature the amazing ability of corn to pliably puff. First oozed in the 1930s by Ed Wilson as an accidental byproduct of overheated feed producing equipment, the stuff became Korn Kurls – the forerunner of modern day Cheetos (Top Momma likey).

We have for your enjoyment two very diverse corn puffing links…

Here is a link to a miraculous, miniature, personal corn puffer on the streets of Shanghai. Talk about fresh!

Here is a link to the Wenger Manufacturing corn puffing process equipment diagram – in all its gargantuan, automated glory!

Corn to be wild!

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M. Nightmare

We interupt this blog for the following entertainment review…

As Top Fans of M. Night Shyamalan, Top Men went to see The Happening this weekend. We have extensively exercised the scientific method (gratuitously recited in the film) and reached a conclusion…

It was not written and directed by Mr. Shyamalan, but by his twelve year old daughter Saleka Shyamalan.

What a twist!

(We hope we’re right for his sake.)

We now return to our irregularly scheduled blog…

Soda Can Popper

Top Women would like to note that we too love corn!

So in recognition of yesterday’s Third Annual Tribute to Corn, we submit this clever way to pop corn possibly using one of our lab bunsen burners.

We are a lab after all and must strive to stay within the boundaries of experimentation.

(Via BoingBoing – who clearly tapped into the Wohba celebration!)

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Third Annual Tribute To Corn

Third Annual Tribute To Corn

Well it’s that time again! (Seems like only yesterday!) That special day of the year that families all around the world join together to feast and celebrate – Tribute To Corn Day!

Okay, so maybe it’s only a Wohba celebration, but Top Men love corn, so just let us have our day in the corn.

This year we’re featuring (drum roll please)… Popcorn!

What kind of magic is this? A simple kernel of golden goodness – placed in hot oil – and, lo and behold, it turns inside-out and re-creates itself as a puffy morsel of buttery perfection (if you add plenty of melted butter.)

So we’ve provided these video highlights of popcorn. Watch them all – you won’t be disappointed!

Happy Third Annual Tribute to Corn Day! So say we all!

Important Note: Stay away from the evil, microwave-in-a-bag variety! Pop it the old-fashioned way – in a pot, with a glass lid, on the stovetop, just like Top Men do it!

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Second Annual Tribute to Corn Day

Since corn is such a staple around the Wohba labs (and to prove to Top Management that we are just as brilliant as ever and change is not neccesary), we decided to start an annual tribute.

So let it be hereby known that November 15th shall be henceforth generally mostly accepted and occasionally thought of as Tribute to Corn Day by Top Men. We don’t really care what the teeming masses do, this is all about us – and corn!

Now of course Tribute to Corn Day should be celebrated in some spectacular manner. Like shooting corn-rockets to the moon, or creating a quantum corn computer, or even bonding every kernel on an ear of corn together and harnessing the awesome power in a process known as total corn-fussion. (Okay, so we’re Top Men, not Top Comedians.)

But this year how about a good old fashion Spanish corn walk. Well.. okay… corn starch walk. Just watch the video.

And as a bonus, how about a corn starch suspension science lesson from a five year old. Just watch the video.

And finally, in an amazing demonstration of our scientific prowess we will go back in time and actually start Tribute to Corn Day last year – making this the second annual celebration.

Happy Second Annual Tribute to Corn Day! So say we all!

(Top Men bask in this brief moment of gaiety before it’s quickly obscured by the ominous cloud of change.)

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