Conic Juggling


There’s this guy. And he’s pretty good with juggling. And he’s bored with the same old thing. And he has a giant plexiglass cone in the garage (leftover from the giant, clear, spaceship to Venus he was building.)

Suddenly it hits him. BAM!

Conic Juggling!

(Thanks Eleri!)
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Stephen Wiltshire appears slightly slow on the surface, but he has a remarkable skill beneath. In this video clip from a BBC documentary he is taken on a brief helicopter ride over Rome and then returns to the studio and faithfullly reproduces a detailed panorama drawn with perfect perspective and scale.

And then there is Daniel Tammet who (in additiona to speaking French, German, Spanish, Lithuanian, Esperanto and Icelandic) has a remarkable ability to calculate. In this video clip he calculates 13 divided by 97 to way too many decimal points.

Of course this wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the real Rainman Kim Peek. Here is a glimpse into his remarkable skills.

Top Men can only say “Wohba!”

Insane Surfing Man

Top Men are please to bring you another installment of the Insane Man series…

On the north shore of Maui they use jet skis to catch monster, killer, awesome, perfect waves, dude. Here is a video. You can see some more small clips (and actually buy more video) here.

If you want a photo try this one of insane guy Pete Cabrinha riding a 70 footer. (Top Men wonder what happened to the photographer.)

(Thanks rsjm!)

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