Super Cool

Top Women think that cooling water to a temperature below its natural freezing point is so super cool! (Movie) Just sends shivers up our spines when we think of how easy Italian Ices could be made this summer.

And if you think that’s super cool, imagine how absolute cool, as in 2 billion degrees Kelvin, ice can be when it’s hotter than boiling water thanks to Sandia’s Z machine. (More info is here.)

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Well Pi Day is upon us once again, and although Top Men don’t participate in the fever-pitched excitement of the true faithful, we can still bring some π-related links to the attention of the teeming masses.

– If you don’t really understand that pi is nothing more than the ratio of the circumference to the diameter of a circle then check out this graphic animation.

– If you want to know pi to four million decimal places than check here.

– If you want to search for your birthday in the first 200 million digits of pi then you want to go here.

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Non-Newtonian Corn Starch

Consider this an update in our ever expanding coverage of corn. A couple more videos from the amazing world of cornstarch. Top Men are seriously considering an experiment of our own to put these to shame, but for now they’ll have to do.

This first video is cornstarch on a sub-woofer.

This second video sounds like the cornstarch is on a jackhammer. The interesting part of this one is where the cornstarch starts to crawl up the guys hand – to find it’s way into his ear – to attach itself to his brain – to take over the world.

(Uh… ahem… thanks Top Women. At least our love of corn is one thing we have in common.)

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Sulfur Hexaflouride

What gas is colorless, odorless, non-toxic, non-flammable, and if you fill a balloon with it, it’ll drop like a rock? Since the title of this post is Sulfur Hexaflouride you probably got the answer right.

This stuff is like anti-helium. Even in that if you breath it in and talk, your voice gets substantially lower! But the most amazing thing you can do with Sulfur Hexaflouride is float stuff in it. Check this video!

Top Men want a tank of this stuff to play with.

UPDATE (1/16): Here is a “lower your voice” movie from Mystbusters.

(Thanks Tinselman)

Meissner Effect

Floating things are cool. The whole force-at-a-distance always seems like magic.

So either consider this video a demonstration of how the magnetic eddy currents of a supercooled superconductor resist decay allowing flux pinning at sites of impurity in the structure of the superconductor…

…or it’s magic.

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