Shuttle Jumper

With Endeavour on the pad and ready to launch tomorrow, Top Men thought we would give the teeming masses a chance to set their alarms to watch the 2:28 am (EDT) launch live. It’s one of the rare launches in darkness – there’s only been one other night launch in the last five years.

And BTW, Top Men managed to scratch a line off of their bucket list last month


Top Mention

We do hearby recognize Johnny Lee with an honorary Wohba Top Mention Award. Not only does he come up with amazingly inventive hacks for video projectors and Wii remotes, but he also designed a poor man’s steadycam and a giant paint balloon slingshot. Check out a couple videos of his work here.


Bug Bot

Top Women hate spiders! Chalk it up to the traumas of childhood summer camps.

Even though this robot resembles a spider it is missing two legs and can’t build creepy webs, so we’re going to let it slide and share it with the teeming masses. (This is how we face our fears.)