More Wohba Changes

No sooner had Top Men graciously accepted the monumental changes so drastically imposed by Top Managment, then the proverbial rug is once more pulled out from under them.

Apparently Top Women feel strongly that there is not enough communication in and around the labs. (Could have something to do with the fact that Top Men think that communication (i.e. meaningless drivel) is highly overrated.) Not sure how we missed seeing this coming, knowing how the female of the species seems to thrive on expressing themselves beyond some perfectly reasonable, male-established quota of 1440 words per day (1 word per minute).

Anyway, rather than belabor the point, suffice it to say that the Teeming Masses (or at least a registered subset thereof ) will soon be able to add comments and thus communicate in a more direct and public manner with Top Women. (Top Men will probably not read the comments – as a defiant act of protest.)

(And just for the record, Top Men do not “love their rainbows”.)

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We’re Here!


Top Management was absolutely right, this lab is just a bit too — shall we say — manly.

We promise not to paint the walls pink or anything like that because we know how you Top Men are fond of that lab-green look, but at the same time please don’t expect us to pick up your dirty beakers.

Top Women have got serious experiments to conduct and don’t have time for such trivial housekeeping matters.

Wohba Changes

Top Men would like to apologize. We feel like perhaps, caught in the emotion of these infelicitous changes, we may have over-dramatized the issue.

There is certainly nothing to be anxious about. We are more than confident that this forthcoming change will (like all unpropitious fads) simply fade away after the initial rush of pseudo-excitement.

So we rescind our “stand” pronouncement, and simply move forward, confident and secure in our superior competence. Nothing to worry about – Top Men can take the high road.

There. The welcome mat is out. (Just keep your mitts off of our electron microscope!)

Wohba Changes

Top Men consider themselves reasonable.

We’ve worked hard to procure interesting, yet obscure attractions from the far reaches of the internet – filling the coffers of Top Management with incalculable fortune.

And what do we ask in return? Only the respect reserved for the few that reach such a level of excellence.

Instead we get this imposed change; this oblique overture; this kick in the pants.

Perhaps it’s time for Top Men to take a stand?

Wohba Changes

Top Management has dictated some changes here at the lab.

Top Men aren’t opposed to changes – when necessary. It’s just that when the “necessary” changes require changes to the necessarium we get a little flummoxed.

And besides, Top Men thought things were working just fine, thank you.

Meet Me Here

For some strange reason Top Men are attracted to useful (and useless) hacks for Google Maps. Pin in the Map is just so convenient for letting people know where you are, or telling them where to go. Replace the following abstract directional nonsense…

After coming into town on I40, take the Central exit (west). Take Central (route 66) for about five miles until you hit Girard. Turn right (north) on Girard until Campus. Then turn left (west) on Campus and… blah, blah, blah.

with simply…

Meet me here.

The Internet – making life easier for those with broadband.

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Villainous Youth Repellent

This sound is amazing. If you’re over 30 you’ll hear some street noise. If you’re under 25 you’ll hear an obnoxious squeal. If you’re in between, or abnormal, then who knows what you’ll hear.

Seems it’s used by grown-ups in the UK for repelling teens from certain areas, and by teens as a ringtone only they can hear.

(Here’s an alternative link to the sound)