Ring Wraith

Now that your Top Team has reengaged, we realize that our space coverage has been... well... vacuous. We'll save Mars for a later date, but today, let's talk rings - Saturn's specifically. Seems that Saturn's rings, that look so homogeneously milky from here, have some dynamic forces shaping them.

So we have a rather striking image of a "streamer" created when Saturn's moon Prometheus moved through the F ring - and since it's hard to picture how it happened - a movie.

Will everyone who thinks it's amazing that the Cassini spacecraft is still sending back such treasures from Saturn after over four years in orbit please shout out a raucous "Wohba!"

Update: Top Women would like to call your attention to even more rings of Saturn (via Astronomy Picture of the Day) - rings of aurora over Saturn's north pole. Wohba!