Mars Landing

Top Men like space. And Top Men like Mars. And Top Men think it’s good for the Teeming Masses to like space and Mars, too. So we’re giving you plenty of time to mark your calendars for the landing of the Mars Phoenix Lander on the evening of May 25th (only 10 days from now.) Mars landings are not simple – Mars is littered with slight miscalculations.

In honor of this rather amazing achievement we’ve provided two videos for your enjoyment.

The first is a NASA production demonstrating how the landing will take place. No airbags on this landing – it’s a good old-fashioned, rocket-blasting, nail-biting, potential-crater-making touch-down. Fun!

The second is a foward looking video – anticipating Mars in the spring of 2020. Very fun!

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One thought on “Mars Landing

  1. I have been reading you fascinating blog for a long time. And I always wondered why you were calling yourselves “Top Men”.I saw yesterday Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, and I enjoyed it very much. So, I wanted to watch again the very first one, Raiders of the Lost Ark. And at the very end, there is that last scene where Dr Jones is asking who is taking care of the Arch.And the answer is : Top men. Top … men !”And, just after that, there is that legendary shot of the Area 51 hangar …Now, I know where you’ve got that nickname !He he he … Excellent !Keep the good work, Top Men, and keep telling us about all that there is in those wooden crates …

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