Line Rider

Here is another one of those interactive diversions (aka – toy) that doesn’t have any specified goal – just explore the rules of the world and see what happens. Start by drawing a nice long sloping line, and pressing play.

Top Men often use this kind of distraction as a break from all the rocket science.

Here is some fine sample work from the teeming masses to get you going.

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One Goldburger to Go

Good old Rube again. Top Men had a bit of fun at this little game figuring out how to serve up a Goldburger. Enjoy.

BTW, if you’ve never seen the Honda commercial featuring some amazing Rube Goldberg work, you should check it out here. There are no substantial computer graphics tricks in the ad, and it took over 600 takes to get it right.

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Insane Surfing Man

Top Men are please to bring you another installment of the Insane Man series…

On the north shore of Maui they use jet skis to catch monster, killer, awesome, perfect waves, dude. Here is a video. You can see some more small clips (and actually buy more video) here.

If you want a photo try this one of insane guy Pete Cabrinha riding a 70 footer. (Top Men wonder what happened to the photographer.)

(Thanks rsjm!)

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