Russian Bunker Lunker

Gotta love the cold war… nuclear attack drills, iron curtains, mutually assured destruction, “Russians”, ICBMs, and (getting to the point) bunkers! Big, bad, deep, smelly, bunkers. This bunker hidden 60 meters below the streets in Moscow certainly fills the bill. Built in the 1950’s, sold at auction in 2006, it’s now open to the public, and serves as a cold war museum. This just makes Top Men want to see the bunkers we don’t know about.

  • Here is a site (Russian) with lots of photos. (Translation to English – if it works.)
  • Here is a brief YouTube video.
  • Here is more info from the Moscow Times.

(Thanks Brice)

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Road Kill

And now for something completely different! From the rings of Saturn, to terra firma, or shall we say, terra parta!

Watch and be patient – wait for the pave-off at the end. (Sorry for the bad puns, it’s not my asphalt, Top Men made me do it!)

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M. Nightmare

We interupt this blog for the following entertainment review…

As Top Fans of M. Night Shyamalan, Top Men went to see The Happening this weekend. We have extensively exercised the scientific method (gratuitously recited in the film) and reached a conclusion…

It was not written and directed by Mr. Shyamalan, but by his twelve year old daughter Saleka Shyamalan.

What a twist!

(We hope we’re right for his sake.)

We now return to our irregularly scheduled blog…

Flying Penguins

This amazing breed of antarctic penguin has adapted an astounding way to battle the cold. It truly is an amazing sight to behold.

But Top Women have discovered that after a winter gorging themselves on jungle berries, they’re too heavy to take flight back home again. Their berry-fattened bodies are easy targets for jaguars. This unfortunate scenario has begun a dire trend as other species of penguins are beginning to mimic the behavior and learning how to fly as well. The potential mass exodus has biologists from all over the world very concerned. The antarctic food chain will be so disrupted that many antarctic animals may soon follow by beginning northern migration patterns.