Road Kill

And now for something completely different! From the rings of Saturn, to terra firma, or shall we say, terra parta!

Watch and be patient – wait for the pave-off at the end. (Sorry for the bad puns, it’s not my asphalt, Top Men made me do it!)

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Flying Penguins

This amazing breed of antarctic penguin has adapted an astounding way to battle the cold. It truly is an amazing sight to behold.

But Top Women have discovered that after a winter gorging themselves on jungle berries, they’re too heavy to take flight back home again. Their berry-fattened bodies are easy targets for jaguars. This unfortunate scenario has begun a dire trend as other species of penguins are beginning to mimic the behavior and learning how to fly as well. The potential mass exodus has biologists from all over the world very concerned. The antarctic food chain will be so disrupted that many antarctic animals may soon follow by beginning northern migration patterns.



What happens when whiz kids who play with Legos and Tinker Toys grow up and become Top People? They invent M-Trans.

The ability of the individual blocks to connect, disconnect, and transform is entrancing to watch – like watching the first stages of an evolving robotic life form.

Suddenly Top Women feel a chill run up their spine.

Spec Sheet


A Bigger Tigger

At 100 times the size of a housecat (almost twice the size of a lion or tiger), this liger is what Top Women need to collect our many runaway lab rats. The catch is Top Men have to clean the litter box.

And we’d prefer a breed of liger without the skills in magic.


Very Cross Winds

Top Women expect that not everyone on this E Ticket ride had their hands raised in the air.

The Lufthansa Airbus A320 was landing a week and a half ago in Hamburg Germany in 50 mph crosswinds, and was being flown by a young co-pilot. After this aborted landing the pilot took over for a successful landing the second time around. The plane evidently escaped with only minor wing damage and was flying again in short order.



The human body is a miracle of design and a wonder of beauty, especially when viewed comparatively. (Increased color saturation doesn’t hurt either.)

Top Women are particularly intrigued with the human eye – like those displayed in this… ahem… iArt. The diversity in color and structure is nothing short of amazing.

Next on Top Women’s agenda is finding the perfect high-resolution retinal photography for the teeming masses!