Blazing Shirts

This is a technique that amazes Top Women because of its speed and accuracy. And admittedly, we are all somewhat the neat-freaks.

If that was too difficult for the less nimble of the teeming masses, go here for accuracy and repeatability.

For the record, Top Women had fun refolding all our lab shirts. Now if only we could get Top Men to abandon the toss and crumple method.

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About Face

So this is borderline Wohba material, but Top Men found it intriguing trying to discern what features make a face recognizable as male or female.

The teeming masses of course are not expected to delve so deeply – they’ll simply be entertained by the fun of it.

Insane Climbing Man

No matter how hard we try, Top Women can’t seem to find any Insane Women doing the likes of what the men do in our Insane series. (The teeming masses will have to draw their own conclusions as to why that may be.)

So for now we’re left with showing you this Spiderman wannabe as he demonstrates how truly insane some men can be!

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Sand Blasting

Top Men now provide a brief reprieve from all the heavy math and outer space discussions…

… with this movie of blowing stuff up in slow motion – backwards.

(It’s what real men do to the beautiful sand sculpture work posted by Top Women a couple months ago.)

UPDATE (3/15/07):
Top Women have duly noted the destructive and sadly competitive nature of Top Men once again and have found it necessary to pause from our seclusion of in depth research and study to respond and note that the lab will be painted pink this weekend.

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Well Pi Day is upon us once again, and although Top Men don’t participate in the fever-pitched excitement of the true faithful, we can still bring some π-related links to the attention of the teeming masses.

– If you don’t really understand that pi is nothing more than the ratio of the circumference to the diameter of a circle then check out this graphic animation.

– If you want to know pi to four million decimal places than check here.

– If you want to search for your birthday in the first 200 million digits of pi then you want to go here.

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