Musical Magic

Top Men are simply amazed at this video. Granted it’s not a finished product yet, and there are bound to be some limitations, but this is one of those tools that Top Men would not have believed possible.

It just further reinforces the strange fact that the most important musical instrument any band needs is a computer.

Web site is here.

(Via Tinselman!)



What happens when whiz kids who play with Legos and Tinker Toys grow up and become Top People? They invent M-Trans.

The ability of the individual blocks to connect, disconnect, and transform is entrancing to watch – like watching the first stages of an evolving robotic life form.

Suddenly Top Women feel a chill run up their spine.

Spec Sheet


Huygens Again

Top Men promise this is the last Huygens descent post. It’s been over three years since the thing landed on Titan, but we just stumbled across a large version of a movie we posted almost two years ago. This is an all the bells-and-whistles visualization (and auralization) of just about all the data fit to print. Geeks rejoice!

Here is the movie.
Here is a detailed explanation.


A Bigger Tigger

At 100 times the size of a housecat (almost twice the size of a lion or tiger), this liger is what Top Women need to collect our many runaway lab rats. The catch is Top Men have to clean the litter box.

And we’d prefer a breed of liger without the skills in magic.